Mt Vista Base Metals


The Mt Vista mineral assets are located 10 km south-east of Collinsville and comprise an exploration area of 275km2.

Number Area (hectare or graticular blocks)
EPM17214 86 Blocks

The tenement straddles a regionally extensive tectonic lineament and geological contact that separates the Bowen Basin from the Connors-Auburn Province.

To the north of the tenement are the Permian aged Lizzie Creek Volcanics. These consist of basaltic to andesitic lava and volcaniclastic rocks (including breccia and arenite), rhyolitic to dacitic lava and volcaniclastic rocks (including ignimbrite); local siltstone, shale and polymictic conglomerate. The southern component of the tenement comprises folded sediments of the Exmoor Formation and Moranbah Coal Measures. The area has been intruded by the Carboniferous Cg-BBG unit comprising Granodiorites, adamellite, granophyre, porphyry, tonalite, gabbro or monzonite. All local precious and base metal deposits are located within the Lizzie Creek Volcanics or on the contact of the volcanics with the intrusive rocks. This contact also separates the Bowen Basin Super Province from the Connors-Auburn Province. Structurally, the tenement contains several small faults that seem to comprise part of a larger NNW tending regional fabric.